Put a bird on it


I know I am late to get on the Portlandia train, but it’s my new obsession. Fred Armisen, need I say more? Then, pair him with Carrie Brownstein, comedic genius happens. It is freaking hilarious.

Many of their sketch subjects are spot on and remind me of some of my previous experiences. For instance, I was a history major and focused a lot of my studies in women’s history. I have taken my fair share of women’s studies classes. So, the Feminist bookstore sketch…love.

I am also a huge foodie and have worked in the natural and organic food industry for quite a few years. Oh my, the sketches that remind me of my time in that industry…A-MAZING! Here are my two favorite scenes…so far.

Is the chicken Local?!  This reminds me of my time working at the Holiday Table. The questions I had about turkeys…good times. Watch it, you won’t regret it.

Did you ever forget your re-useable bag?!

“Didn’t you date a girl who owned a bag?” Hahaha.

If you haven’t check out Portlandia, you totally should. And…we can pickle that!


What’s your favorite Portlandia sketch?