Can we stop talking about the thigh gap already?!


Unless you have been under a rock for the past year, you have probably heard of the “thigh gap.” Let me tell you, just hearing the words “thigh gap” makes me cringe. If you do have a thigh gap, I hope this is simply part of your natural genetics and you did not go on some crazy workout and diet to achieve the “thigh gap” or got on the “thinspo” movement. (Thinspo is a whole other can of worms that I won’t even begin to open. Francally, it is really crazy to me that Thinspo exists.) 

There are maybe five people in the entire world who naturally have a thigh gap and are healthy at the same time. Every one else is either photoshopped or achieved the thigh gap in an unhealthy way. The numbers could be off, but seriously the thigh gap is not attainable for A LOT of people.

Rather than focusing on achieving the thigh gap, I would prefer we focus our energy on being healthy, happy, and confident. While magazines and media are slowly getting on the strong, beautiful regardless of size woman bandwagon,  it is far from perfect.

Media and technology can be great, but it also puts out a lot of crap that sends messages saying skinny is beautiful. I grew up with friends who had eating disorders, and it sucked to see them go through that.  When I was younger, I struggled with my own body image, and I still do sometimes. When I look in the mirror, I often see my flaws. I don’t love that this happens, but honestly it does. I do know I am a beautiful woman, but I sometimes I just don’t see it. Media’s images get in my head. I do not want the “thigh gap.” But maybe I don’t like how my triceps are kind of jiggly or I am not as toned as I would like (maybe it’s because you can only look so tone as a pale Sconnie).  Long story short, there are things I don’t necessarily love about my body, however I am developing my own confidence. I may not be the skinniest person out there, but I don’t need to be or want to be.  I do know I am healthy, have an awesome life, and am happy. And I couldn’t ask for anything else.

Anyways, I am over the thigh gap. Let’s be done with it America.

Hopefully we can come to a place that focuses on beauty at any size. Be healthy. Be Beautiful.

That’s all, I’m off my soap box now.