Burning Brothers Brewery

While National Beer Day was yesterday, we are going to booze it up today by highlighting a local brewery. I do have to say being gluten-free really poses some challenges for finding delicious craft beer. I personally feel much better when I stick to my GF lifestyle.  Beer is one thing that is hard for me to give up. I know, I know. There is GF beer out there, but much of it is just not the same as good, ol’ craft beer.

Living in Milwaukee, and now the Twin Cities, there are huge craft beer scenes. It is always a great afternoon when you spend it in the tap room of a local brewery. One problem, my favorite local breweries are not gluten-free. There are some that do have one GF beer, but overall it is pretty tricky. Or, I just love one of their non-GF beers, and I really would rather drink that. I do usually let myself have one glutenous beer a week. I am lucky in that I only have a gluten sensitivity, so I am able to make choices like this.  But a brand new brewery opened up in Saint Paul called Burning Brothers Brewery. And, guess what?! It is a completely gluten-free brewery. Yes, every single beer they make is gluten free.

The brewery founders used to be fire eaters, hence the name “Burning Brothers.” They were talking about starting their own brewery when one of them found out he had Celiac’s Disease. He took his home brewing background and decided to channel his new found GF lifestyle into this brewery. Together the brothers formed Burning Brothers Brewing, which also happens to be the only dedicated gluten-free brewery in the Midwest. Lucky for me, the brewery is only a mile from where I live in Saint Paul.

burning brothers

Burning Brothers Brewing has been distributing beer around the Twin Cities. I have been following them closely for when their tap room opened. And…this past weekend the time finally came! Matt and I headed over there this past Saturday afternoon. They had their Pyro beer on tap, and it was delicious.

Their Pyro is an American Pale Ale. The Burning Brothers describe the Pyro as :

An American twist on an English bitter, this light fruity beer is a drink that can be enjoyed at any time! We substitute the traditional English flavor with our own unique blend of American hops. Note the initial taste of orange followed by just a hint of grapefruit. Three years in the making, our APA stands strong against any other APA on the market. It’s a beer that looks good and delivers a crisp beer taste, enough said!” 

It was a tasty session beer that I can see myself enjoying all year long. I can’t tell it is GF, which is a good thing. I look forward to trying their other beers in the future. But in the mean time, I have my growler of Pyro, which will be refilled often.

growler burning brothers

Right now they are only distributing to the Twin Cities area. So if you are in the Twin Cities, make sure to check them out!