St. Croix State Park

scsp riverA couple weeks back, Matt and I did a little camping near Superior, Wisconsin. On our way back, we decided to get one more hike in before we headed home. We stopped at St. Croix State Park in Hinckley, Minnesota.

St. Croix State Park has a ton of trails and is a huge state park. It has two rivers and is great for any outdoor enthusiast–from hikers to mountain bikers to canoeists, campers and more.

scsp river bluffWe hiked on the River Bluff trial. It was quite pretty, however the bugs were thick–nothing a little bug spray couldn’t combat as long as you kept moving. 

scsp river bendI always find water peaceful. I would have sat and relaxed a bit beside the river, if it weren’t for bugs that would’ve ate me up. 

scsp river edgeAll in all it was a good hike. The only downside was having quite a few ticks covering Matt and myself…unfortunately Mr. Jack had us both beat on the tick count. We had to have removed 20+ ticks from Mr. Jack. He got a special bath when he got home too. Ticks can be scary with the threat of Lyme disease, luckily we all made it through fine–no tick bites.

scsp river bluff trialOther than our experience with ticks, St. Croix State Park was a fun place to visit. We barely hit the surface of what that state park has to offer. We will have to make our way back there soon.