Milwaukee Beer Run

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Today, I participated in my first race in more than two years. I used to be a runner. During training for my first marathon (that wasn’t), I suffered some injuries and ended up needing pretty major ankle surgery.

My brother, his fiancé and I completed The Milwaukee Beer Run 5k & .05k. They did the 5k and I did the .05k. That is the only distance race that would bring me out of racing retirement. Plus, beer.

Here’s the problem you guys. I am a hot mess. I may have had surgery to fix my ankle, but it’s still not what it used to be. 

As we were walking from the car to the starting line, my ankle gave out on me and I biffed it. Of course my loving brother couldn’t stop laughing. Thankfully, we were in the grassy part of Estabrook Parkway, so it wasn’t a hard fall. I was a little worried that my surgically-enhanced-so-it-wouldn’t-be-unstable-and-give-out-on-me-anymore ankle gave out on me, but I shook it off and we continued to the race. 

Jenn, Andy & I pre-race
Jenn’s awesome beer goddess dress
Busted out the good ol’ winter running tights

I wasn’t sure how the race would go. I mean, .05k is really far you guys. It’s nothing compared to the numerous half marathons I did years ago. 

As the emcee counted down to the start, I felt that same jittery excitement that was so common for me when I was a runner.


And we were off! There was a point during the race where I hit the wall. I think it was around .04k. I wasn’t sure I would finish, but I powered through it and ran across the finish line. 

This is my "I just got a .05k PR" face
This is my “I just got a .05k PR” face

The race lasted less than 30 seconds. I barely had a chance to work up a sweat. But, I did PR today — 0:29! Honestly, if it wasn’t so packed with people walking, I would have gotten a better time. There’s always next year. 😉 Then it was time for some tasty beer from the Estabrook Beer Garden.



After Andy & Jenn finished, the line for beer was insanely long, so we decided to head off to brunch.

As we walked back to the car, my OTHER ankle gave out on me and I fell on the pavement really hard. Like almost crying hard. My left knee was scraped, throbbing and hurting. It was pretty great you guys. 

I’ve been icing my knee and ankle on and off ever since. I have a feeling I will be hurting tomorrow. :/