The day I had to get my car jumped…twice. AKA just another day in March in the Midwest.

Yesterday was a “fun” day.

I was eating my bowl of GF Panda Puffs right as my boyfriend, Matt, was leaving for work. After about five minutes, he comes back up to our apartment. He asks to borrow my keys, because his car wouldn’t start. I check the weather. It is currently -2 degrees. Yes, two degrees below zero. However, this past week in the Twin Cities had been pretty cold. We maybe had a couple days that got above 10 degrees, but most days were below that or below zero for most of the day. We even had a day with a high of one degree. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Well, I guess last night it got as low as 15 degrees below zero (without the windchill). But I figured my car would make it through, it did all last week. Alas, my car did not. My little electric clicker thing that unlocks and locks my car didn’t work. My car wouldn’t even turn over. So, now both of our cars won’t start.

Round 1: Matt did have a solution. He has this chargeable car jumper cable battery starter (that is its official name). So, we charge it up inside so we could jump his car, and then he would jump my car with his car. Luckily, Matt could work from home yesterday, and I really did not have to go anywhere either…so we could take our time. We let the “device” charge, and he goes to jump his car. I go with Matt, so I can refresh my memory on how to jump a car. It did not start his car. We try mine too as the device has some more juice left. Once Matt connects the device up to my battery, my car alarm starts blaring…and my car will not start.  So, we decide the “device” needs to charge a bit longer.

Round 2: This time we decided to try my car first. Alarm goes off, and my engine will not even turn over. So, we try Matt’s car. Now, his car’s alarm is going off. It does not even stop  when I take off the jumper cables (that were attached to the “device”). So, we decide to charge the device and do some internet research on this car alarm jazz. We both have Hyundai’s, so we think it may be related to that.

Round 3: After some research online, Matt learns that the jumper cables or something like that is making our car alarms go off, which then activates the “Starter kill” circuit. The internet then has some solutions on how to get past the alarm to allow the car to start. I could describe this is more detail, but I won’t because it is long. (Actually, I probably couldn’t explain it, but it is not that interesting.) Anyways, we try what we found online, but the internet fails us (how dare the internet fail us). Our cars still will not start.

Jumpstart #1
Jumpstart #1


At this point, I decide to use my Progressive Roadside Assistance. (Not sure why we did not choose this option earlier, especially because I pay for it). It is really easy to call someone to come out to jump my car. While we are waiting for PRA to come, Matt does some more research and found another way to get past this alarm thing. So, he tries it. His car starts!! So, then he jumps my car, and it starts! I cancelled my PRA order…which is only 10 minutes away. We let our cars run for a bit, so they can warm up and feel loved. I wanted to get groceries earlier today. So, I figure while my car was running, I will run over to our food co-op.

I get my groceries. I go out to my car. I use my clicker to unlock my car. Nothing happens. My heart drops. I try my clicker again. Still doesn’t work. Mentally freaking out, but trying to stay positive. Manually unlock my car (weird, huh). Load my groceries, all hoping that just my clicker is busted. Sit in the driver’s seat. Take a deep breath…and turn my key. Nothing happens. My engine wouldn’t even turn over. But, I try again hoping the second..and third time is a charm. No go. So, I call Matt to come jump my car…for the second time today.

Waiting for Jumpstart #2
Waiting for Jumpstart #2


Round 87: As I am waiting, I stand in the open parking space next to my car…like a fool, but also so Matt has a place to park, so we can jump my car. Remember that is was -2 degrees earlier in the day. While it isn’t that cold anymore, however it is not that much warmer. I am also not properly dressed to stand outside, which is clearly not smart on my part. However, I was expecting my car to start again after all the work we went to getting it started.  While waiting, a nice man parked near me asks if I need a jump. I say yes, if he doesn’t mind. He mentions he just got a brand spanking new battery, so he would gladly share his battery love. I call Matt to tell him that someone is jumping my car. He is already on his way, after getting his car jumped again as well. (It was a rough day for both of us.) Anyway, this nice man jumps my car. Matt shows up. We chat a little and discuss our great co-op. The nice man also mentions that my pumas aren’t really winter shoes.  (They are not. My feet are freezing.) Anyways, we all go on our way. I decide to drive my car for at least 30 minutes to make sure my car has fully warmed up and juiced up its battery.

After I get home, I make some dinner and relax. I then eat a whole goat cheese log with a large side of red wine. It turned out to be a good day after all.

wine cheese log