True Sconnie Happiness

Amy came this weekend to visit me in Minnesota. Well, she mainly came to go to our cousin’s bridal shower, as we helped in planning a little bit of it. However, we were able to have some nice family time together too with each other and our other family that visited from Wisconsin. While the visit was quick, it was a lot of fun. 

After they left Sunday, I was treated to a nice surprise. I was making lunch, so I opened the refrigerator. (You know, the normal action you do when making food.) Anyways, I came across something I did not put in my fridge. Cheese Curds. Good ‘ol Wisconsin Cheese Curds. Honestly, Cheese Curds are really the best thing ever to a Sconnie gal like me. I mean look at those delicious and glorious cheese curds. Someone left their cheese curds behind. While I don’t know how that could happen…maybe it was on purpose…either way, I did not care. I had Wisconsin Cheese Curds, which are really the best thing ever!


And you know the best part?! They were still squeaky. If you didn’t know, the fresher the cheese curd, the squeakier it will be. There is nothing better than a squeaky cheese curd. 

Squeaky Cheese Curds=True Sconnie Happiness

cheese curds