Gray Duck

The other day I came across this local chai called “Gray Duck Chai.” I will admit I bought this solely due to its name and the fact it was local. (Oh, and because I love chai tea.) 

Gray Duck Chai

So, unless you are from Minnesota or played “Duck, Duck, Goose” with someone from Minnesota, you probably won’t understand the name. Basically everywhere, but Minnesota, the childhood game is called “Duck, Duck, Goose.” However, in Minnesota it is called “Duck, Duck, Gray Duck.” Amy and I (and our brother) always were totally thrown off when we were playing with our Minnesotan cousins and they yelled “Gray Duck.”  This may or may not turned into long conversations about which version is “correct.” I continue to have this conversations with Minnesotans, as I’m a Sconnie living in Minnesota. Let me tell you, many Minnesotans are quite serious about this. If you don’t believe me, check this Buzzfeed article titled “You’ve Been Playing “Duck, Duck, Goose” Wrong your Whole Life.”

By the way, Gray Duck Chai is quite delicious! The company is awesome too. Gray Duck Chai is traditionally crafted and made with all organic and fair trade ingredients. It is really a quality chai that has a nice blend of spice that also comes in a rad bottle. Gray Duck Chai may just end up being one of my new addictions.