Adventures in Target with Amy & Emily

Editor’s note: Once upon a time, we tried to start a blog. The year was 2009. The blog was called “Kant Touch Us.”  It shut down in 2010. We saved some of the posts however. Here’s one of those gems, originally posted in June 2009.

Tonight after Em got off of work, we decided to go to Best Buy and Target to pick up some things for the house. For some reason, we decided that we EACH needed a cart to push around. We were probably obnoxious because we took up a good portion of the aisle wherever we went, pushing our red carts side by side in the main aisles. In the smaller aisles, we went tandem.


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TBT: Lazy Selfie

So TBT takes us all the way back to…May 3, 2014. Yes, less than two weeks ago. Amy and I were at our brother’s house, celebrating his 30th birthday. We decided to take a selfie together. However, Amy was sitting on the cooler, and I was sitting on a hammock. We were about 5 feet away from each other. I was quite comfy in the hammock, so I had no desire to get up. Amy was also apparently comfortable sitting on a cooler (not sure what that says about her). So, we decided to take a lazy selfie…both of us staying in our respective seats…a cooler and a hammock. The lazy selfie did turn out cute though! Proof that laziness sometimes pays off! 

lazy selfie

Important: Turn headlights on when driving at night!

Editor’s note: Once upon a time, we tried to start a blog. The year was 2009. The blog was called “Kant Touch Us.”  It shut down in 2010. We saved some of the posts however. Here’s one of those gems, originally posted in July 2009.

Soo. . . Last night driving home from work. I was driving around the block to park the car.  I borrow Amy’s at night, because I don’t have a car anymore, and so I don’t have to walk home at night.  As I am going up a side street, sirens start going on behind me.  At first I thought crap, maybe I rolled through a stop sign or accidentally turned at where it says “no turn on red”.  That as not the case…the cop walks up.  He says, “Miss, is there a reason to why you are not driving with your headlights on?” OMG I have been driving around with my headlights not on… hmm pretty dumb.  I then continue to say, “OMG, I am borrowing my sis’s car and thought she had headlights that automatically adjusted-just like my old car.  I saw headlights on in the garage, when I was coming from work.  I never drive her car at night.  I feel really dumb!”  Ok, side note #1:  I only drive her car at night and have numerous times.  I have been borrowing it at night for about a month-and never realized they weren’t on.   Continue reading “Important: Turn headlights on when driving at night!”

TBT: Brewers Style

Umm, so the Milwaukee Brewers are doing amazing. Like crazy, amazing. Like best in the whole entire league amazing. And for a Brewers fan, this is pretty freaking awesome. So in honor of this awesomeness, today’s TBT brings us to the parking lot of Miller Park in 2011.

One thing that makes Brewers games so much fun is tailgating. If you have never tailgated, this needs to go on your bucketlist ASAP. If you have never tailgated in Wisconsin, you also need to add that to you bucketlist. Us Sconnies, really are experts at tailgating. Trust me. 

Fam at the Brewers game

Amy, our brother, and I were tailgating a Brewers/Cubs game (which is one intense rivalry).

Emily tailgating to her bro

This may be one of the favorite pictures I have ever taken with my bro. 

Go Brewers! I look forward to “Rolling out the Barrel” soon!!

TBT: The time we held a baby grizzly bear

TBT is adorable this week. We head back to 2009 when Amy and I went to the DeYoung Family Zoo with our parents. The DeYoung Family Zoo is in the UP (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan. It is a really rad zoo that has natural habitats and some unique animals. They often take exotic animals that are unable to be kept by their previous owners. You also get to see the owners interact with a lot of the animals. Overall, it is a pretty awesome place.

bear cub em

You also are able to interact with some of their animals. I mean we got to hold a baby grizzly bear. Oh my goodness. So adorable. You should have seen this baby bear walk. 

bear sisters

I also got to play tug of war with a baby cougar. (It was less scary than it sounds.) Amy got to feed some llamas and zonkeys. Oh, and a camel got fresh with me. Good times. 


Gray Duck

The other day I came across this local chai called “Gray Duck Chai.” I will admit I bought this solely due to its name and the fact it was local. (Oh, and because I love chai tea.) 

Gray Duck Chai

So, unless you are from Minnesota or played “Duck, Duck, Goose” with someone from Minnesota, you probably won’t understand the name. Basically everywhere, but Minnesota, the childhood game is called “Duck, Duck, Goose.” However, in Minnesota it is called “Duck, Duck, Gray Duck.” Amy and I (and our brother) always were totally thrown off when we were playing with our Minnesotan cousins and they yelled “Gray Duck.”  This may or may not turned into long conversations about which version is “correct.” I continue to have this conversations with Minnesotans, as I’m a Sconnie living in Minnesota. Let me tell you, many Minnesotans are quite serious about this. If you don’t believe me, check this Buzzfeed article titled “You’ve Been Playing “Duck, Duck, Goose” Wrong your Whole Life.”

By the way, Gray Duck Chai is quite delicious! The company is awesome too. Gray Duck Chai is traditionally crafted and made with all organic and fair trade ingredients. It is really a quality chai that has a nice blend of spice that also comes in a rad bottle. Gray Duck Chai may just end up being one of my new addictions.

TBT: Easter 1992

The coldy and wintery weather in the Midwest this week reminds me of an Easter that had similar weather.

I give you Easter 1992.

Supersoakers Easter 1992b

As you can see, all of us kids got super soakers. As you can also see, it snowed that Easter. We made the best of a bad situation and still tried out our new rad super soakers. I mean how could you have a bad Easter when you have bangs like Amy and a jacket like me (or really a jacket like any of us kids). 

Side note: I am trying very hard to shoot that super soaker. 

TBT: Mars Cheese Castle

This week’s TBT is not being “thrown back” very far. Last June, I moved to the east coast for about 8 months. Well, I needed my car out there. So you know what that means ROAD TRIP! But wait, it gets better ROAD TRIP WITH AMY!!

We started the day in Milwaukee, which is only about an hour from the Illinois border. However, there was one place we had to go before crossing the border into Illinois. MARS CHEESE CASTLE!! We were about 40 minutes into our road trip, but seriously it is a Castle of Cheese. (Well, actually, It is not a castle physically made of cheese, but it is a castle that houses A LOT of cheese and cheese novelty gifts.) So, with moving the farthest I ever had from the Midwest (and of course, Wisconsin), we knew this would be the perfect place to stop before leaving the Sconnie nation.

Mars Cheese Castle

If you live in Wisconsin, there is a good chance you have been to Mars Cheese Castle at some point in your life (or many times in your life). If you have visited Wisconsin by way of Interstate 94 from Illinois, there is also a good chance you have also been to the Mars Cheese Castle. 

Mars Cheese Castle is great. You can buy nearly every cheese imaginable, particularly awesome Wisconsin cheese. They have cheese novelty gifts, shirts, and lots of other good Sconnie souvenirs. But they also have a deli and a bar. How can you not love this place? I mean it has cheese and beer. What more do you need? Amy and I decided to have lunch at the bar, as we got a late start. I don’t remember what Amy had, but I had a cheddar filled bratwurst with German potato salad.

What makes this place even better is what happens when you sit at the bar…other than just getting a beer. So, you know how some bars have complimentary popcorn or nuts…well, Mars Cheese Castle brings over a gigantic tub of cheese spread and crackers to enjoy on the house.* They hand you a plate, and you just spoon as much cheese spread as you want. Heaven, pure heaven.

Mars Cheese Castle Bar

So, we enjoyed our cheese spread, cheese filled brats, German potato salad, and a refreshing beer before hitting the road.** We also had a nice chat with the owner of the cheese castle…so I guess we had a nice chat with the “Cheese King.” The Mars Cheese Castle has been family owned for quite some time.

All in all, it was the perfect “last” stop in Wisconsin.


*I can’t guarantee they do this every day. Previous times I have been there, I was either not 21 or not able to stop long enough for a beer.

**We never advocate drinking and driving. The driver only had one beer, plus we hung out for quite awhile to make sure we were all good to keep driving on. Needless to say, between the late start and the trip to the Cheese Castle, we did not throw down a lot of miles on that first day.


“Hollywood” 1997 #tbt

This week’s TBT brings us back to the year 1997, when our family had a vacation in California. Our aunt and uncle were getting married, however while we were out there we decided to visit a few attractions. I was 11, and Amy must have been about 14. 


Now, by looking at this photo, you may think we were visiting the actual Hollywood sign. Yeah..not so much. We were at Universal Studios Hollywood, which had this backdrop for a photo op. Pretty fancy, huh. Who doesn’t want to reminisce about the fake Hollywood sign they saw. I do remember Universal Studios was awesome! 

Can you tell this photo was taken in the 90s?! I am sure us Midwestern folk would have really just “blended in” if we decided to actually go to Sunset Blvd. I would also like to point out a) Amy’s floral shirt with sleeveless turtleneck, b) our brother’s mushroom/bowl cut and c) my baggy clothes and really reflective sunglasses. At the time, I remember thinking Amy and I had brought such fashionable clothes on our trip. As well looking forward to getting Amy’s “fashionable” floral top as a hand-me down. However by the time it got to me, it was out of style, which was pretty typical of all her hand-me downs. I really hated hand-me downs,  I did usually envy Amy’s clothes when she wore them…but just hated the clothes by the time I got wear them.

Easy Fruit Sorbet

Fruit sorbets are super tasty.  If you have the right equipment in your kitchen, they are also very easy to make. One advantage to making your own sorbet is you control the ingredients and the type of sweetener you add. I used my Vitamix to create this sorbet, but any high powered blender should work.

This recipe is easy to alter to your tastes. I start with 2 cups of frozen fruit, coconut almond milk and agave nectar. Any frozen fruit will work, however my favorite fruits to make sorbets are berries, mangos, and peaches.

sorbet ingredients

The agave nectar is optional, only add if you want the added sweetness. I find I often don’t need to add it, especially if you have the right combination of fruit. Above I have peaches and blueberries, however mangos and blueberries are my favorite sorbet combination.

You only need to add a small amount of milk, just enough to smooth out the sorbet (and to help out your blender just a little). You could also substitute some greek yogurt instead.

Put all the ingredients in the Vitamix, blend it up until it has the right consistency. This should take less than a minute. 

Bam! You now have an easy dessert that you can feel good about eating. This sorbet is super refreshing on a warm summer day. However, if you are in the Midwest, that seems very far away right now. Don’t worry, it is also delicious on a frigid spring day!


It was hard to get a “good” photo of the sorbet, but I can assure you it sure is tasty!


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