Rishi Chai

I am a huge chai fan. I also have very high standards for chai. Not to be a chai snob, but I rarely order chai at coffee shops, unless I know what their chai base is. No offense to many coffee shops out there, but I find a lot of chai is either not made properly, watered down, or just the spices are off in the blend.

Earlier I highlighted a local Minnesota Chai Company, Gray Duck Chai. Today, we’ll bring it back to Wisconsin with Rishi tea, a Milwaukee based tea company. Rishi really has amazing tea, and I have to say they are my favorite tea brand…and it is not just because they are from Milwaukee, but that doesn’t hurt. They have very high quality teas that are both organic and fair trade, they promote sustainability…and, well their tea is super delicious.

I have many blends I love, such as the Scarlet Herbal blend…but let me tell you, they have some amazing chai. I even had the pleasure of having a Rishi tea expert teach a chai class at the natural food store I work at. Until then I only typically had chai from concentrate blends, which Rishi does have a quality chai concentrate. However, the best chai I ever had was that day made fresh from loose tea. They have five loose chai tea blends, which all are good in their own different ways–however my favorite is the Masala Chai (can’t go wrong with the classic) and the Chocolate Chai. I really love the Chocolate Chai, just what you need to warm you up on a cool autumn day…or winter, but let’s not think about that yet.

It used to seem scary to make chai with loose tea at home, but on the Rishi tea tin, they have super easy instructions. Basically you boil 1 cup milk, 1 cup water, and 2 tbsp loose chai tea. Then simmer it for 5 minutes, add sugar (2-3 tbsp)…and bam, you are done and have a delicious cup of chai.

chai rishi