More Succulent Rescues…

This past week, I was “gifted” a plant arrangement in desperate need of some TLC by some coworkers who found this in the office of someone who recently took a new job.

Succulent Rescue

As you can see, it was in rough shape. There were actually three different plant varieties in the basket, but my coworkers took one of the varieties out.

I did some research and figured out that the vining plant with pretty yellow blooms is actually a succulent! It’s a calandiva. It clearly was reaching for sunlight for a very long time. 

The most difficult part of this plant rescue was not figuring out what to do with the Calandiva – It was a succulent and I knew if I just snipped them and made cuttings, it would survive and be much healthier. The difficult part came when trying to free the other plant from the mess of roots in the pot!

I split the plants between three new homes. Most of the calandiva is in a plastic pot with the right kind of soil and lots of rocks for draining. One cutting is now in a vintage animal cracker tin, with two other succulents and lots of rocks. The other plant (I didn’t really investigate what it is), is now in another plastic pot and enjoying having its own space for roots to grow.

Succulent Rescue

Next week, I’ll be answering some of the questions I am often asked about caring for succulents. If you have a question for me, post a comment below!

Oh, and in case you missed it… head over to our Facebook page! I now have some succulent arrangements/terrariums available for sale in the Milwaukee area! Sorry to those who aren’t in SE Wisconsin – I haven’t figured out how to ship these safely! Here’s a sneak peek:


TBT: Tie Dyed in Door County

TBT brings us back to the 90s in Door County. If you haven’t heard of Door County, it is a beautiful place. Some even call it the “Martha’s Vineyard of the Midwest.”

We always went camping in Door County when we were little. We stayed at the same campground, which had a pool, playground, and a game room–so in kids’ terms it was pretty awesome.

It is also a gorgeous place to explore with great hiking, awesome beaches for swimming and sandcastles, many wonderful cute downtown areas to enjoy, and pretty tasty fish fries too! If you have never been there, you should definitely visit it some day. If camping is not your cup of tea, I hear they have many great hotels and B&Bs.

3 Kids_Door County

Also, don’t you love our matching tie-dyed tees! If you have to match, what better option than tie-dyed…especially in the 90s.

TBT: The Technicolor Dream Coat

This is my favorite photo I have with my dad. I think I was about 4, so it is late 80s or early 90s. I am wearing Joseph’s Technicolor Dream Coat (i.e. a paper bag I colored all over). It was a project I had done in preschool or Sunday School, as we were learning about Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors.

Emily & Dad coat of many colors

Amy and I have a pretty awesome dad. Also, if it weren’t for the carpeting and the old box tv, you would think my dad is quite the hipster.

Mr. Jack & his love of eating water

Mr. Jack is a pretty great dog. He also has a hilarious love of eating water. 

(Thanks Mom & Dad for watching Mr. Jack and catching this hilarious video.) 

Bye bye, Elantra.

This past week has been a bit crazy. I woke up Tuesday morning. It seemed like a normal day. Since I didn’t start work until later in the day, I was looking forward to a relaxing morning…until the neighbor knocked at our door around 8:30 a.m. When I answered, he said, “I’m sorry, but your car isn’t outside. It was hit last night, and it’s at the impound lot.” My neighbor also handed me the police officer’s card who came to the scene Monday night.

What a way to start your day. I had a mild freak out. I called the police department and found out the police report hadn’t been filed yet. So, I really had no clue as to what happened other than I knew someone hit my car the night before. When I called my insurance, they had a bunch of questions, to which I answered “I have no clue. All I have is my police officer’s business card and a case number.”

As I was on the phone with insurance, Matt talked with my neighbor. Apparently some girl hit my legally parked car around 1 a.m. The cops tried to get a hold of us, but we didn’t answer our door. (It was 1 a.m. on a Monday night. We were sleeping.) Our neighbor was still up, so he checked out the crash scene and kindly took information from the cop to give us in the morning. (We have a swell neighbor.)

Matt and I took a look at the crash scene. Tire marks in the grass. My car – gone. It also appears that my car hit the car that was parked behind mine, however that car didn’t get taken to the impound lot.


After two hours back and forth on the phone with insurance to try and find a rental car, we still hadn’t located an available vehicle. Apparently rental car companies are not supposed to say no to insurance companies when they ask if there is a car available, however when you call that car rental company they will tell you that a car won’t be available until later.

I think we went through four rental car locations. Matt had to drive me to work, and then the rental car company picked me up in the afternoon to get the car. While annoying, it worked out quite well. They called to let me know they’d be picking me up in a black Mercedes. Awesome.

Then when I was signing the paperwork, they tell me, “Oh, by the way…that Mercedes is the rental we have for you.” Super awesome. I have never driven or even ridden in a Mercedes until this week. Let me tell you, I can understand why people spend money on these cars. They are pretty freaking sweet.


While I had a sweet rental, I still did not know the state of my own car. It was at the impound lot. All I knew was that it no longer had a rear bumper. So after work, I picked Matt up in my Mercedes and went to the impound lot. Yeah…there was a lot more damage than a missing bumper.


After seeing my car, I had a feeling that it was officially totaled. I got my belongings from my car and said my goodbyes. That was the last time I saw my Elantra. 

The next day I was able to finally get the police report. It turns out that this girl had a cast on her foot. Her foot with the cast apparently slipped on the gas and made the car accelerate out of control and into my car.  My question is, if your foot slipped on the gas pedal, wouldn’t you just accelerate, not cross over a whole lane of traffic?? While the story seems fishy to me, I wasn’t there so I will never know. I am just happy it wasn’t a hit and run.

Later that day, I found out my car was a total loss. It was a good car for the year I had it. I’ll miss my Elantra. 

car goodbye

While finding out my car was officially totaled was a bummer, at this point I was pretty much anticipating that. The huge downside is that I have only had my car for a year, so I haven’t paid my loan down enough to get anything back from insurance. Luckily, I have gap insurance, but that just means I don’t have to pay my bank any money. This leaves me with no car…and unfortunately not much money to put toward a new car. Let me tell you…fun times.

Timing surprisingly played out better than I thought it would though, because my parents were planning on buying a new car. Which means they have a shiny but slightly rusty, new to me 2004 Hyundai Elantra for sale at a good price. An Accent is not my #1 choice in a car (or even #2 or #3). However, it is a car…that is not totaled…and in good condition for being 10 years old. It is not my 2010 Elantra…it will get me to where I need to be.

I do still have my rental car for the week, as I can’t get the Accent until this weekend…which means Road Trip to Milwaukee!! (Actually we have two weddings that weekend in Milwaukee, so Matt and I were already planning to be in Milwaukee next weekend.)

However, now it is a Road Trip to Milwaukee in a Mercedes Benz! Sometimes you just got to look at the upside of things!

Succulent Propagation Update

Almost 5 weeks since I began my first major succulent propagation effort. We are making a lot of progress. Lots of pink roots and li’l baby plants sprouting. I’ve added some more leaves to the big ceramic container and hope to see some growth from them soon.

propagate succulents

My second propagation experiment started two weeks ago. We’re making good progress here, too! This pot is mostly sedum rubrotinctum and graptosedum. 


Some of my leaves are showing signs of over-watering so I’m hoping if I wait an extra day or two between waterings, the wrinkly leaves will get better.


On a sad note, one of the leaves from my big, fat pachyphytum bracteosum was coming loose so I popped it off today. I’m hoping it will propagate. I has a sad. I love these big leaves!

pachyphytum bracteosum leaf

Finally, I am so excited that my pleiospilos nelii rubra (split rock succulent) is splitting! New growth is starting to appear!

pleiospilos nelii rubra

Succulent Rescue

I visited my local nursery this weekend and saw this in the succulent section.


AS IS?!? Also, markdown to $6 from $14.99? Of course I accepted the challenge. But I had my work cut out for me.




Here are a couple of arrangements I made with the “as is” succulents along with some others in my collection.



Tuesday marks four weeks since I started my succulent propagation project. Let’s just say things are going pretty well now.


Look at all the pink roots growing! There’s also a number of small plants emerging. Every day I see new growth. Can’t wait for them to get big and strong!


TBT: Minnehaha Falls

A few years back, Amy was visiting me in the Twin Cities, as I had recently moved there. I decided to take her to Minnehaha Falls, which is a great park in Minneapolis that happens to also have a waterfall. 

During the summer it can be quite the busy park, but it is always worth the trip. Not only does it have a waterfall, but also scenic trails, overlooks, and river views. It is one of my favorite places in the Twin Cities.

We took our dogs too, as it is a super pet friendly park. Dogs can go on the trials, as well as run around in the large dog park.

minnehaha park


Happy Summer!

Happy Birthday, Emily!

Twenty-eight years ago, we welcomed Emily into the world.

Baby Em

I remember being soooo excited to have a little sister! (Of course, I love my brother, Andy, but I’ve been told when I found out my parents were having another baby, I asked if we could take Andy back.)

Here’s a photo of the first time we met.

Happy birthday emily

Sconnie Sisters for life. xoxoxo

I have a problem

One of my favorite things to do each year is attend the Bay View Garden and Yard Society (BVGAYS) Annual Plant Sale. They always have a great selection of local vendors and the plants – oh they are so much healthier and happier than plants you’ll find at Home Depot or Menards.

I was excited that one of my favorites, Tiger Lily Garden Market, was there again! They are one of my favorite places to find healthy, well cared for succulents in the Milwaukee area. Of course, I am always “rescuing” succulents from other places. But, Tiger Lilly just has a great selection. I mean, look at these beauties!


I got a bunch of new succulents, because, obviously, I have a problem.


I got a pot of sedum rubrotinctum aka “Aurora,” crassula radicans aka “large red stonecrop,” pachyphytum bracteosum, Aloe variegata aka “Gator” and crassula perforata. Oh and I finally have a living stone!

Lithops aka "Living Stones"
Lithops aka “Living Stones”

Isn’t it funny looking? I’ve been wanting one of these for awhile, and I’m glad I finally have one! I’m excited to watch it bloom and then grow new leaves this fall/winter when it goes dormant.

After seeing all my succulent posts on Instagram, my mom asked me if I would arrange a succulent planter for her.


I combined sempervivum, aeonium aka “kiwi,” kalanchoe thyrsiflora aka “flap jacks,” senecio talinoids mandralis aka “blue” and echeveria aka “perle von numberg.” I used a large, shallow terra cotta pot and finished it off with river stones.

Because of my succulent addiction, I of course had to make one of my own with my new succulents. 


As I was planting my new friends, I found that the aloe plant had started a li’l pup!


At first, I also included some sempervivum, but then today I moved them and added crassula capitella aka “campfire plant” and kalanchoe luciae aka “flapjacks.”


I planted the large red stonecrop in an antique teapot.

Crassula Radicans aka "Large Red Stonecrop"
Crassula Radicans aka “Large Red Stonecrop”

Yes, I have a problem. You see, today, I put together this pot with three varieties of sempervivum aka “hen and chicks.”


Before I leave you and put the kabosh on purchasing any new succulents for awhile, I’ll share an update on my propagation efforts. Finally, after 2+ weeks, we have itty bitty pink roots beginning to emerge!