Important: Turn headlights on when driving at night!

Editor’s note: Once upon a time, we tried to start a blog. The year was 2009. The blog was called “Kant Touch Us.”  It shut down in 2010. We saved some of the posts however. Here’s one of those gems, originally posted in July 2009.

Soo. . . Last night driving home from work. I was driving around the block to park the car.  I borrow Amy’s at night, because I don’t have a car anymore, and so I don’t have to walk home at night.  As I am going up a side street, sirens start going on behind me.  At first I thought crap, maybe I rolled through a stop sign or accidentally turned at where it says “no turn on red”.  That as not the case…the cop walks up.  He says, “Miss, is there a reason to why you are not driving with your headlights on?” OMG I have been driving around with my headlights not on… hmm pretty dumb.  I then continue to say, “OMG, I am borrowing my sis’s car and thought she had headlights that automatically adjusted-just like my old car.  I saw headlights on in the garage, when I was coming from work.  I never drive her car at night.  I feel really dumb!”  Ok, side note #1:  I only drive her car at night and have numerous times.  I have been borrowing it at night for about a month-and never realized they weren’t on.  

Back to the story:  Then, he puts his hand on the knobby bar where headlights normally turn on-and then proceeds to turn them on.  Yeah, I am dumb.  Anyways, he then explains I just had daytime lights on, which leaves my rears not on, unless I brake.  Then he notices I am really shaky and what not.  He continues to ask, “Miss, are you okay?? Your are very shaky… are you on anything?”  Me: “No, just coming home from work-finding a parking spot, my house is right there.  Just feel really dumb!”   Side note #2:  I had an energy drink that evening at work.  I don’t drink coffee or soda really, so caffeine does weird things to me.  Side note #3 I was literally 20 feet from my house.  Hmm.. Back again:  He asks for my id and walks away.  I am thinking great, he thinks I am on drugs or drunk.  I am going to have to do some field sobriety test or something-right in front of my house.  He comes back, hands me my id, and then asks “You don’t want a ticket, right?” OF COURSE NOT!!  Me:  “No, I really would not.  I just feel really dumb.  I am so sorry”  Cop: “Well, we are going to let it go tonight, but make sure to always turn them on!  The ones that are automatic are just daytime.  It is very important to turn your headlights on at night!  Me: “Thank you so much, I will!!!”  

So needless to say, I didn’t have to play the dumb girl card, because I was the dumb girl.  But I guess I never realized the headlights weren’t on.  I drive home on  very well lit streets, so that is maybe why.  Anyways, I parked and such.  Then walk up to my house.  I then realized I took my house keys off my keychain to just have a small thing of keys for my jog in the morning.  I never put them back on the large keychain.  I have the large keychain in my purse.  The small one is in the house, which is locked.  Sigh*  Well, Amy is sleeping.  She has to get up at 3:30 am.  It is 11:15 pm.  Not good, but I have to call Amy and wake her up. Yeah, she wasn’t thrilled but was a nice sister and let me in.

Anyways, that is my story of last night and my rough 15 minutes before I got home.

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  1. I once saw a car driving toward me with its headlights off. I flashed my lights at it. It didn’t do anything, so I flashed it several times. Drove past it, it was a cop, who whipped a U-turn behind me. I pulled over, he got out “Are you okay?” I said “Yep, but you don’t have your lights on.”
    He was quite embarrassed!! 🙂

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