TBT: The time we held a baby grizzly bear

TBT is adorable this week. We head back to 2009 when Amy and I went to the DeYoung Family Zoo with our parents. The DeYoung Family Zoo is in the UP (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan. It is a really rad zoo that has natural habitats and some unique animals. They often take exotic animals that are unable to be kept by their previous owners. You also get to see the owners interact with a lot of the animals. Overall, it is a pretty awesome place.

bear cub em

You also are able to interact with some of their animals. I mean we got to hold a baby grizzly bear. Oh my goodness. So adorable. You should have seen this baby bear walk. 

bear sisters

I also got to play tug of war with a baby cougar. (It was less scary than it sounds.) Amy got to feed some llamas and zonkeys. Oh, and a camel got fresh with me. Good times. 


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