TBT: Tennessee

Today’s TBT brings us back to 1990. Amy was 7, and I was 4. We had taken a family vacation to the Smoky Mountains. I personally only have a few memories from this vacation. I remember camping, which we did on most of our family vacations. I remember hiking and noticing that the mountains were in fact smoky…which I am gathering is why they are named the Smoky Mountains (aren’t they clever).

Smokey Mountains

I would also like to point out the matching rompers that Amy and I had on…this happened quite a bit when we were younger. Oh, the days of actually being able to pull off a romper. I can guarantee you that you will not see Amy and I in rompers, let alone matching ones. However, I would totally rock Amy’s kicks. They are pretty rad.

Also, our brother, Andy, looks adorable. 

Happy TBT!

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