“Hollywood” 1997 #tbt

This week’s TBT brings us back to the year 1997, when our family had a vacation in California. Our aunt and uncle were getting married, however while we were out there we decided to visit a few attractions. I was 11, and Amy must have been about 14. 


Now, by looking at this photo, you may think we were visiting the actual Hollywood sign. Yeah..not so much. We were at Universal Studios Hollywood, which had this backdrop for a photo op. Pretty fancy, huh. Who doesn’t want to reminisce about the fake Hollywood sign they saw. I do remember Universal Studios was awesome! 

Can you tell this photo was taken in the 90s?! I am sure us Midwestern folk would have really just “blended in” if we decided to actually go to Sunset Blvd. I would also like to point out a) Amy’s floral shirt with sleeveless turtleneck, b) our brother’s mushroom/bowl cut and c) my baggy clothes and really reflective sunglasses. At the time, I remember thinking Amy and I had brought such fashionable clothes on our trip. As well looking forward to getting Amy’s “fashionable” floral top as a hand-me down. However by the time it got to me, it was out of style, which was pretty typical of all her hand-me downs. I really hated hand-me downs,  I did usually envy Amy’s clothes when she wore them…but just hated the clothes by the time I got wear them.

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