Emily and the rotisserie chicken

Editor’s note: Once upon a time, we had a different blog. The year was 2009. The blog was called “Kant Touch Us.”  It shut down in 2010. We saved some of the posts however. Here’s one of those gems, originally posted in August 2009.

Emily tried to carve a chicken tonight. She was mildly successful.

2 Replies to “Emily and the rotisserie chicken”

  1. This was pretty funny because I clearly remember my first solo attempt at carving a chicken. It basically consisted of 35 minutes of me laughing, reading How To’s on the web, and saying to the ether “Should I cut here? Is this going to help?” I eventually succeeded and had a tasty dinner, but felt ridiculous after the butchering I gave the chicken.

    So good job Emily, the first one’s the toughest.

  2. OMG – too freakin’ funny!!! Ummmm – if y’all need some lessons, I’m available!! LOL But I bet it tasted just fine 🙂

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