Emily’s First Attempt at Gluten Free Bread

frenchbread_nailed it

I recently discovered I have a gluten sensitivity. Due to this, I have started to eat gluten free. While some weeks I am very good at sticking to the GF (Gluten Free) lifestyle; other weeks I indulge in glutenous goodies. Overall though, being gluten free has not been crazy difficult for me. I worked in the natural food industry for five years, so I was able to develop quite a bit of knowledge about the GF lifestyle, which made the transition less scary.

There are a couple things I really crave. The first is delicious craft beer. I mean I am a Sconnie girl, so beer is in my blood. I have found some tasty GF craft beers, but I miss some of my local brewery favs. The other thing I crave other than glutenous craft beer is bread. Delicious, warm fresh bread. I love bread. Well, I love fresh, homemade bread–not the processed variety. While I LOVE bread and baking, I don’t normally bake my own bread. Yeast is scary to me. So, I am not sure why the first gluten free goodie I chose to make was French Bread. It was probably because I had been craving bread, and because I am overall good at baking, I figured it would all work out. It did not.

I tried a recipe from a great Gluten Free Cookbook. I won’t mention its name because of my failure, since I truly believe the reason the recipe did not work out was not due to the recipe, but operator error. HUGE OPERATOR ERROR. My first mistake was overworking the dough. Once you do that, there is no going back. After that, I tried really hard to make this bread work out…but it was too late. I wish I had pictures to show my french bread making process, or rather large mess. But, my hands were so covered in dough I would have forever wrecked my iPhone. I did eventually get the dough to be bake-able. However, bake-able does not mean it turned out. I would say rather than french bread, I made a new creation. I give you “French Bread Biscuits.” Fancy, huh?


I let Mr. Jack try some. Even he was not so sure about them at first, but he did end up eating some.  Whew, I passed the dog test.

jack and the french bread

Then, my boyfriend very kindly tried them. Trying to make the best of a bad baking outcome, he suggested we have Biscuits and Gravy.  This was a great idea. I mean, if you put enough delicious homemade sausage gravy on something, it’s got to taste good…and it did. So good! I made Pioneer Woman’s Sausage Gravy. I adapted the gravy by using GF All-Purpose Flour. I also don’t have seasoning salt, so I just subbed regular sea salt with a dash of cayenne pepper. It all turned out great…the gravy that is. Maybe just use Pioneer Woman’s biscuit recipe too.

sausage and gravy

Moral of the story: When you fail at baking bread, put sausage gravy on it.

Google Hangout: Nailed It

The other night, I was showing Emily how to do something in Photoshop using Google Hangout’s Screenshare feature. When I tried to click back to the video chat feature so we could talk for a little bit, this happened.

Google Hangout Nailed It

Nailed it.

Sisters matching tattoos

Once upon a time, Emily and I wanted to get matching tattoos. For quite awhile, we were considering variations of the “family infinity” tattoo you’ve probably seen all over Pinterest.

As we talked about the design more and more (and I sketched and re-sketched designs), we realized that we didn’t want the same tattoo as a bunch of people on Pinterest. And since it was just the two of us getting tattoos, we thought that some type of sisters tattoo would be a better idea.

So I started writing (and rewriting) “sisters” on scrap paper. I quickly realized that the way I drag my pen subtly makes the “S” look like infinity symbols.


So we took this idea to our tattoo artist (Skully of Jedi Tattoo in Waukesha Wis.) who thickened up the lines a bit. We’re pretty happy with how they turned out.


I love knowing that the only other person in the world with this exact tattoo is my sister. I also love knowing that she we have a little bit of each other with us at all times. All I have to do is look down at my wrist and I feel close to her.

 Photos: Amy | Tattoos by Skully of Jedi Tattoo

When photos don’t quite turn out the way you planned

When Emily and I first came up with the idea for this blog, we knew that we would ask our dad to do a photo shoot with us so we had some images to work with before the site launched.

So, we headed off to one of our favorite spots in Milwaukee… the Milwaukee Pierhead Lighthouse. It’s right along Lake Michigan, near the iconic Hoan Bridge, Henry Maier Festival Park and of course, with a great view of the Milwaukee skyline.


We planned to go to a few more spots, but it was so freaking cold, we decided that this location would be good enough for now.


We tried all sorts of different angles and staging.


In the moment, everything seemed totally normal.

But then, dad downloaded the pictures to his computer and showed us the RAW files. When we saw this one, we started laughing so hard we started crying.


It looks like an engagement photo, right?


Photos by Papa Kant AKA Tim Kant Photography.