Dave’s BrewFarm

Dave's BrewFarm

Last Sunday, Matt and I met a couple of friends at Dave's BrewFarm in Wilson , WI. It is only about an hour from the Twin Cities...and I have to say it is a rad lil brewery. Dave's BrewFarm is a brewery on a farm. It was a pretty awesome experience, as I have never been to a brewery with such a set up. Dave's BrewFarm is a small brewery that promotes sustainable business practices and is even wind-powered. On top of that, Dave had some Continue Reading

Sconnie Pride


It's no secret that we have a deep-rooted love for Wisconsin. Why else would we call our blog "Sconnie Sisters"? I've even been thinking about getting a Wisconsin tattoo for years... just haven't pulled the trigger because I can't decide where to get inked.  For years, I've been scouring the Internet, rummage sales and thrift shops for things that scream "Wisconsin". I've collected some of my favorites here. You can see even more on my Continue Reading