This weekend, our cousin Maggie graduated from high school. Since the festivities were in Minnesota, I made the trek up to spend some time with Emily! Imagine my surprise when we got to the hotel after Maggie's party and I saw the dress Emily had brought for the graduation ceremony. We started laughing hysterically. Of course, we'd be all matchy-matchy. I am wearing this colorblocked piped trim a-line dress from eShakti. Emily Continue Reading

A style change to help some kids


I've had long hair for a couple of years now. At first, I just wanted to have longer hair so I could braid it. Then, I wanted it long for a friend's wedding. Then it became a game with my hair stylist - let's find out how long my hair will grow! But, last month I just couldn't take it anymore. I needed it gone. So, I made an appointment with Dawn last week. After a bunch of research, I decided to donate my hair to Children Continue Reading

The problem with “No Show” socks

no show socks

This weekend, I bought some new "no show" socks at Target. It was $5 for two pairs. I was excited to get a couple new pairs because I always seem to lose these things! I grabbed the black lacy ones and slipped on black ballet flats and ran out the door for work. Then, as I walked from my car in my work's parking lot, I looked down. Um... hey lady, your socks are showing. These socks were promoted as "No Show Liners." As in, they Continue Reading