Happy Birthday Amy!!

amy bday 5

Happy Birthday to the best and most loving sister ever!! You have been there for me so much...both through good times and bad.  I couldn't ask for a better sister and friend. I love all the crazy and hilarious times we have together.  Enjoy your Kiwi Adventure--I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. Continue Reading

Rishi Chai

chai rishi

I am a huge chai fan. I also have very high standards for chai. Not to be a chai snob, but I rarely order chai at coffee shops, unless I know what their chai base is. No offense to many coffee shops out there, but I find a lot of chai is either not made properly, watered down, or just the spices are off in the blend. Earlier I highlighted a local Minnesota Chai Company, Gray Duck Chai. Today, we'll bring it back to Wisconsin with Continue Reading

Biofreeze #Protip


My wrists and forearms have been showing the signs of carpal tunnel syndrome. I am certain it directly correlates to the amount of time I've been spending on the computer. You see, I got a promotion in May (YAY) and have been managing a gigantic project at work that launches at the end of the month. I'm working 10-12 hour days AT work, then coming home and working some more. There's been numbness, tingling, pins-and-needles, shooting pain, Continue Reading

St. Croix State Park

scsp river

A couple weeks back, Matt and I did a little camping near Superior, Wisconsin. On our way back, we decided to get one more hike in before we headed home. We stopped at St. Croix State Park in Hinckley, Minnesota. St. Croix State Park has a ton of trails and is a huge state park. It has two rivers and is great for any outdoor enthusiast--from hikers to mountain bikers to canoeists, campers and more. We hiked on the River Bluff trial. It Continue Reading