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It’s no secret that we have a deep-rooted love for Wisconsin. Why else would we call our blog “Sconnie Sisters”? I’ve even been thinking about getting a Wisconsin tattoo for years… just haven’t pulled the trigger because I can’t decide where to get inked. 

For years, I’ve been scouring the Internet, rummage sales and thrift shops for things that scream “Wisconsin”. I’ve collected some of my favorites here. You can see even more on my “Sconnie” Board on Pinterest.

I open all my beers with this bottle opener.

A truer shirt was never made.

Great card! I actually received this card for my birthday last year.

Both sets of coasters are pretty darn cool. I’d love to add them to my collection. *cough cough*

This cutting board is great! You might have seen it in my guacamole hummus recipe photos. The artist will customize the placement of the heart, too!

I want this if for no other reason than to make Wisconsin-shaped cornbread.

I have this necklace and wear it multiple times a week!

Here’s another variation of the state-shaped necklace.

I would love to have any of these signs hanging up in my apartment. I bet I could actually make something similar. Hmmm… future blog post?

This might have to be my next ‘Sconnie apparel purchase! REPRESENT.

This will have to be the next one purchased.

If I ever find myself pregnant, I will buy this onesie in every size. It’s hilarious. The shop also offers variations including “Native,” “Someone in Wisco <3’s Me,” and “Oh, Yah!”  

If you think I don’t already have one of these, you’re crazy.

These will have to join my ever-growing collection of cloth napkins soon!

This would be such a cute wedding gift!

Vintage cheese tin

Vintage cheese tin

Here’s an awesome vintage cheese wheel tin I found on Etsy. I have it on display on top of my dining room hutch. Speaking of cheese, here’s another Etsy find currently on display in my living room:

boxFor as many awesome Sconnie items I’ve found, there has been some equally un-awesome items as well. See what I mean on my “Bad Sconnie” Pinterest Board.

What’s your favorite state pride product? (Doesn’t have to be Wisconsin). Share links to your favorites in the comments below!

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